7.2. Abaqus2Matlab scripting

Detailed instructions about the proper use of the Abaqus2Matlab application through Matlab scripting are presented in the following:

Ensure that Abaqus license server is running successfully.

Place the folder of the application in the Abaqus working directory. Usually, this step is not necessary, since Abaqus can run from any directory. This action is suggested, however, to avoid confusion with the large number of files which are created in each Abaqus run.

Start Matlab, and open the file named "Abaqus2MatlabSetUp.m" which is placed inside the Abaqus2Matlab application folder. Run this file (press F5).

Select a template on which your postprocessing task will be based. The template that you will choose depends on the type of postprocessing task that you want to perform. The templates which are available in Abaqus2Matlab are presented in the last section of the following function outlines:

- Section Template of exploreFieldOdb.m

- Section Template of exploreHistoryOdb.m

- Section Template of readNodeFieldOdb.m

- Section Template of readElementFieldOdb.m

- Section Template of readHistoryOdb.m

- Section Template of readFil.m

- Section Template of getMatrix.m

Alternatively, the user can open a template for editing from the Abaqus2Matlab GUI, by selecting Tools -> Templates

Consult the tables of the various result types that can be postprocessed by Abaqus2Matlab and ensure that the requested result exists in the table of the results that can be postprocessed by the desired postprocessor. The postprocessors available in Abaqus2Matlab are Odb2Matlab, Fil2Matlab and Mtx2Matlab.

Odb2Matlab can postprocess the following results:

- Section Odb file field output results

- Section Odb file history output results

Fil2Matlab can postprocess the following results:

- Section Fil file results

Mtx2Matlab can postprocess any mtx file, provided that it complies with the format prescribed in the Overview of Mtx2Matlab

View the input arguments required and output arguments for each function that is employed during the postprocessing task. This step is not necessary; it may be used only for debugging purposes. You can type at the Matlab command window "help {function_name}" to obtain a complete printout of the syntax, description, input arguments and output arguments of each function contained in the Abaqus2Matlab application.

Adjust the template according to your own needs and execute in Matlab. If the input file is generated directly from Abaqus, then the statements of each template pertaining to the creation of and writing to the input file can be omitted. The verification tests as well as the examples which are provided in the application folder usually help a lot in this process. New users should study some verification tests and examples before trying to develop their own postprocessing code.

Finally, after execution of the accordingly adjusted Matlab script template, the postprocessing job is done. The Abaqus results will be available in the Matlab memory. Apart from these, users can extend the template codes in order to perform further postprocessing of the Abaqus results (plots, graphic representations, etc.), or incorporate them into higher level Matlab codes (e.g. for optimization procedures).

At the Abaqus2Matlab website you can download the application for free, post your comments and/or inquiries, and contact the Abaqus2Matlab work team which continues to provide superior programming solutions for various projects worldwide.

Abaqus2Matlab - www.abaqus2matlab.com
Copyright (c) 2017 by George Papazafeiropoulos

If using this application for research or industrial purposes, please cite:
G. Papazafeiropoulos, M. Muniz-Calvente, E. Martinez-Paneda.
Abaqus2Matlab: a suitable tool for finite element post-processing.
Advances in Engineering Software. Vol 105. March 2017. Pages 9-16. (2017)

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