5.1. Introduction

This is the verification Guide for Abaqus2Matlab. It contains test cases that are used for verification of all the functions contained in the application. Each test case verifies one type of result that can be postprocessed by Abaqus2Matlab. The test cases are sufficiently small to enable the user or the developer to easily interpret the results as well as the way they are extracted from Abaqus to Matlab, and to easily use them as a template for his own postprocessing job. Furthermore, large computational effort associated with the analysis of large models in Abaqus is avoided.

This guide is divided into three main sections based on the type of the Abaqus output file from which results are extracted. The three file types that can be postprocessed by Abaqus2Matlab are the output data base (odb), the results (fil) and the matrix (mtx) files. If an output of an Abaqus analysis can be written to both odb and fil files, then both of these possibilities are verified to ensure full and error-proof functionality of Abaqus2Matlab. Most verification models are using Abaqus/Standard given that the verification procedure is similar for Abaqus/Explicit.

The tests in this guide are simplified versions of real postprocessing tasks. The qualification process for new Abaqus2Matlab releases includes running and verifying results for all problems in the Abaqus2Matlab verification Guide.

It is important that a user is aware of the level of the verification performed in the Abaqus2Matlab Verification Guide before any analysis is done. Then the user should decide if additional verification is required for the problem at hand before starting any postprocessing job with Abaqus2Matlab.

All input files used for the verification of the problems in the guides are included with the Abaqus2Matlab release in specific folders. These files can either be retrieved manually, or fetched in a specific directory by using the copy function of Matlab. The use of this function is illustrated in many Matlab codes used for the verification studies. All the input files being run by Abaqus for Abaqus2Matlab verification purposes are shown in the documentation of the application for better supervision.

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Copyright (c) 2017 by George Papazafeiropoulos

If using this application for research or industrial purposes, please cite:
G. Papazafeiropoulos, M. Muniz-Calvente, E. Martinez-Paneda.
Abaqus2Matlab: a suitable tool for finite element post-processing.
Advances in Engineering Software. Vol 105. March 2017. Pages 9-16. (2017)

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