1. About Abaqus2Matlab

Abaqus2Matlab serves to provide a connection between Abaqus and Matlab software. The first is a sophisticated finite element package and the second is the programming language of technical computing. But Abaqus2Matlab goes far beyond linking two different softwares; it connects two different worlds: simulation and programming. Simulation offers advanced modeling, which would be a laborious task if only programming was used to make it. On the other hand, simulation loses in flexibility in handling its various results or data, to adjust on a case-dependent basis. The latter is vital in order to comply with the various requirements of an engineering (and not only) project. Abaqus2Matlab is a first attempt to combine and reconcile these two aspects. This is the vision of the work team of Abaqus2Matlab: to incorporate these two inherently coupled perspectives of engineering into a unique co-simulation environment from where the new way of engineering will gradually emerge.

At the Abaqus2Matlab website you can download the application for free, post your comments and/or inquiries, and contact the Abaqus2Matlab work team which continues to provide superior engineering solutions for various projects worldwide.

Abaqus2Matlab - www.abaqus2matlab.com
Copyright (c) 2017 by George Papazafeiropoulos

If using this application for research or industrial purposes, please cite:
G. Papazafeiropoulos, M. Muniz-Calvente, E. Martinez-Paneda.
Abaqus2Matlab: a suitable tool for finite element post-processing.
Advances in Engineering Software. Vol 105. March 2017. Pages 9-16. (2017)

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